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Don't Give Up

How to stick to your (Pilates) workout

If you start to attend Pilates classes or any exercise class for that matter, in the first month you are motivated, but as the time goes by your motivation may drop and then you gradually stop coming to classes:

1. Don’t give up- if you miss a class or two because of bad weather, or you being under the weather, joyful events, etc. that’ ok, but keep coming back. Sometimes people will miss 2 or 3 classes and just stop coming.

2. Add it to your routine- start with working out one day a week make sure the timing suits you and your family. Your kids may not like it in the beginning but they will get used to mommy going to exercise (or working out at home) on the same day. When I went back to teaching after my first child was born it wasn’t easy but routine helped keep all of us calm.

3. Enjoy it -. it’s always so much easier to do something because we like it rather than because we have to. So as you do Pilates always remember why you choose to do it, why it feels good.

4. Mommy example- When you find the time to exercise at home, in the studio or gym your children begin to understand how important it is to keep a healthy body. My children are always asking me if they can join my class or go with me to the gym and it makes me happy to see that I have the privilege to teach the next generation the importance of a good workout. Especially these days when most kids sit in front of the screen.

5. Parent-child time- if your children are old enough, take them with you. This is a great chance for quality time together.

6. Location-Chose a studio/gym that is close to your home (or in your home). Let’s face it, if it’s to much of a hassle to get there, eventually you just won’t go.

7. Try out various classes and see what suits you best. When you join a class that makes you feel good and comfortable, chances are, you will persist.

8. Music- use music to motivate you. Personally, I cannot teach a Pilates class without music. Chose a teacher who is professional and plays songs that help you stay motivated. If you are going to the gym, make a playlist that will help you improve and escalate your workout.

Keep at it, don't give up, and you will eventually see the results of your hard work.

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